10 Ways to Use Facebook Video Ads

Already, 2018 has been an important year for the growth of online video and how businesses are using video to connect with their audiences and help sell their products and services. And Facebook has been a big part of the growth of video marketing for businesses. But I still encounter resistance from business owners who have not given video a try, and seem reluctant to do so.

For this reason and others, my buddy Wilco de Kreij, has put together an amazing blog post that show 10 examples of how to use video ads on Facebook. Check out the article below.

“So you’ve been marketing on Facebook for quite some time already. But now you’re thinking, “How about using video content for my next campaign?”

You saw how powerful Facebook video ads can be in getting hundreds to thousands of reactions, comments, and shares. I’m sure you’re also guessing these engaging videos generated a lot of sales!

Let me tell you that now is the best time to use videos in your advertising strategy. Here are reasons why:

  • Video ads are now captioned, and this has increased view time by an average of 12%.
  • Users can watch Facebook video ads in silent mode. This gives creative video marketers the opportunity to stand out and people to find ads less intrusive.
  • Facebook gets about 8 billion video views on a daily basis. Videos are garnering website traffic and are predicted to account for 80% of all web traffic in 2020.

“But I Don’t Know the Best Techniques… What Should I Do?”

If you’re like most people, the idea of being on camera puts you off. Everyone who’s trying out Facebook video ads for the first time feels this way.

So, what’s the solution?

To answer your question, I did some research and found 10 amazing Facebook video ads.

Let’s explore each video ad and draw out some winning characteristics. Then, you can apply the principles or techniques used by these ads to your next Facebook video ad campaign.

Click Here For 10 Facebook Video Ad Examples That Will Inspire Your Next Campaign…

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