How To Create A Social Media Plan For Your Business?

Social media plays a monumental role in engaging and communicating with your customers. In fact, a recent study showed that Facebook and Instagram are the top 2 channels that SMB’s use to stay in touch with their audiences.

However, nearly 50% of SMB’s are missing out on engaging their customers through any social media platforms, and this is a big mistake if they intend to grow their customer base and their businesses. Now there’s only so much time in a day, so if you do intend to start using social media to communicate with your prospects and customers, how should you go about customizing an effective strategy to do so?

Here is a great article by Tim Fitzpatrick of Rialto Mobile that breaks it down for you…

“Social media for small businesses can be really effective, but it is still a huge challenge for most business owners.
According to a survey by Netsertive49% of the small business survey respondents don’t have a formal social media marketing strategy in place. This number is low, especially with the range of amazing technology to help manage social media.

Is it really that surprising though? Not really.
Many small businesses don’t have the budget, time, or skills to take advantage of social media as a marketing channel.
I hope to change that! This article will help you start to manage social media like a pro.
It all starts with creating a social media marketing plan…”

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