How to Attract New Prospects With Online Reviews

If you think that getting more online reviews from your satisfied clients is out of your control, then your eyes are about to be open. I’m sure that you’re aware that online reviews are one of the keys that can make or break your business. Almost 80% of consumers who are searching for products and services online say that they are influenced by online reviews when it comes to making a purchasing decision.

Here are 5 important strategies that will get you more online reviews and help you attract new prospects and clients to your business.

“Effectively marketing your business has always been about finding a way to stand out from the pack. After all, grabbing their attention is the first step in client conversion. But the act of drawing customers in has truly become an uphill battle in a world so heavily saturated with choice.

Hick’s Law, which is often summarized as “the paradox of choice,” states that when people are presented with more options, the time they take to make a decision actually goes up rather than down. We need to learn to empathize with the paralysis customers feel when trying to make a choice and actively address it if we want to win their business.

But in a world of too many options, what tactics can you use to make their decision easier?

I recently partnered with my friends over at to unpack this heady subject. We put together both…”

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